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She Makes Steel Smarter

AMNSIndia female employees contribute significantly in elevating the steel industry to newer heights. These women of steel, both nationally and internationally, from entrepreneurs to engineers and more, are breaking stigmas and biases – setting new benchmarks every day. At AM/NS India, we have always valued and nurtured diversity in talent while creating equal opportunities for our employees to grow. It is our objective to reduce the gender gap by doubling the number of female employees in this year. Here’s the story of Priyanka Sharma, Coils Manager, at AM/NS India – and how she, like many others, is making steel smarter and sustainable.


Lead: Ashish Kaushik
Team: Bella Fernandez, Priyanka Sharma


Producer, Aerial Cinematographer, Creative Director: Prateek Sethi
Script Writer, Director, DOP, Editor: Akashneel Dattasharma
2nd DOP: Himadri Mandal
Assistant DOP: Mayur Mantri
Colourist: Prateek Mahesh
Sound Design: Rahull Raut
Production Controller: Vijay Ubale
Accountant: Deepak Patil
Drivers: Nilesh, Ajit
Design House: Trip Creative Services

  • Design

    Video Design, Content Development

  • Client

    AM/NS India

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