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Baby Rāgas

We are elated its finally released. 5 years in the making!
Baby Rāgas brings the rich, ancient traditions of Indian Folk Art to life! Legendary Hindustani and Carnatic Maestros perform for your baby. Each Baby Raga can be enjoyed in ascending avatars of ease and accessibility.

A library of specially designed and curated cultural must-haves for Babies and Mothers, featuring a mix of essential Indian Ragas and Art forms. 24 curated tracks featuring legendary recordings of the maestros of Indian classical music. An unprecedented wealth of Indian folk art presented for the First Time Ever in animated and interactive form. Visual and aural stimuli for very young children, vetted by experts and recommended for early development and growth.

A comprehensive head start to India’s colossal cultural heritage straddling the length, width and diversity of the country. More on this soon!

  • Design

    Graphic Design, Branding

  • Client

    Sony Music India

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