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Baby Ragas

Interactive, Intelligent, Indian – Baby Ragas is a head start into a living inheritance of India’s incredible cultural wealth.

A curated introduction to Indian Classical Music and Folk Art
Developed by a team of experts and designed for babies and mothers
To augment baby’s cognitive skills and early childhood development
Through culturally rich, audio and visual stimuli.


To brings the rich, ancient traditions of Indian Folk Art to life! Six popular, complex ragas from Hindustani and Carnatic classical music are presented in three versions of accessibility; easy listening, instrumental and vocal.

  • Client

    Sony Music

Open Project

Hungry Baby | Raga Bhimpalasi

Hungry Baby | Raga Hamsadhwani

Sleepy Baby | Raga Neelambari

Active Baby | Raga Kadanakuthuhalam

Sleepy Baby | Raga Kedar

Active Baby | Raga Todi

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